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Broken Spring Repair

Just as a new car should be taken to the garage regularly for checkups and servicing even when it is operating properly, a newly installed garage door should be inspected from time to time to detect any upcoming problem and counter it before it advances to irreparable levels. After new door installation, it is always advisable to test the spring balance to prevent accidents in the garage or untimely breaking of the torsion spring. Another cause of broken spring in a new door is overloading. This is as a result of using a weak spring to support a bulky door. During the garage door installation do not force the contractor to use weak springs to fit in your constrained budget as this would cost you more in the future. West Islip garage door repair, NY technicians will always ensure the spring used during installation is strong enough to support the garage door to avoid breaking due to overloading. If the spring is weak, an extra supportive spring may be added to share the door weight during opening and closing of the garage door or a stronger spring may be used for replacement. New motor installation and replacement of broken spring must be done by a technician with the right technical knowhow and experience to safeguard that everything is fixed in the right manner. We use the right skills and tools to ensure safety during our service delivery.

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